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Analyzing Conflict Predictors in Open-Source Java Projects from GitHub and Travis CI (website under construction)


In collaborative development environments integration conflicts occur frequently. To alleviate this problem, different awareness tools have been proposed to alert developers about potential conflicts before they become too complex. However, there is not much empirical evidence supporting the strategies used by these tools. Learning about what types of changes most likely lead to conflicts might help to derive more appropriate requirements for early conflict detection, and suggest improvements to existing conflict detection tools. To bring such evidence, in this paper we analyze the effectiveness of two types of code changes as conflict predictors. Namely, editions to the same method, and editions to directly dependent methods. We conduct an empirical study analyzing part of the development history of 45 Java projects from GitHub and Travis CI, including 5,647 merge scenarios, to compute the precision and recall for the conflict predictors aforementioned. Our results indicate that the predictors combined have a precision of 57.99% and a recall of 82.67%. Moreover, we conduct a manual analysis of the false positives and false negatives from our sample, providing insights about strategies that could further increase the precision and the recall.


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Projects Sample Description

Git Repository Name Domain Analyzed Merge Commits Size (KLOCs)
Adobe-Consulting-Services/acs-aem-commons AEM development toolkit 117 14
tinkerpop/blueprints Graph Data Models 109 203
dianping/cat Application Monitoring Platform 102 89
CloudSlang/cloud-slang Programming Language to Orchestrate CI Workflows 214 32
CloudifySource/cloudify Cloud Platform 212 408
CorfuDB/CorfuDB Cluster Consistency Platform 272 386
gchq/Gaffer Relational Database 8 172
hdiv/hdiv Java Web Application Security Framework 10 57
brettwooldridge/HikariCP JDBC connection pool 130 8
FasterXML/jackson-core Streaming API used by Jackson Data Processor 122 43
FasterXML/jackson-databind Data-binding functionality used by Jackson Data Processor 273 110
datastax/java-driver Java client library for Apache Cassandra 110 37
javaparser/javaparser Programming Language to Orchestrate CI Workflows 192 145
square/javapoet Java API for generating java source files 250 16
xetorthio/jedis Redis Java client 137 28
jwtk/jjwt Java JWT: JSON Web Token for Java and Android 65 8
jparsec/jparsec Parser combinator library for Java 35 12
square/moshi JSON library for Android and Java 132 10
graphaware/neo4j-framework GraphAware Neo4j Framework 80 66
graphaware/neo4j-reco Neo4j-based recommendation engine 14 33
spotify/netty-zmtp Netty implementation of ZMTP, the ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol 12 4
square/okhttp HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java 421 57
square/okio I/O API for Java 140 14
ontop/ontop Platform to query relational databases 7 1100
oracle/OpenGrok Source code search and cross reference engine 108 100
pac4j/pac4j Security engine for Java 118 63
protostuff/protostuff Java serialization library 36 109
querydsl/querydsl Java query API 248 122
sanity/quickml Decision tree learner in java 22 32
SoftInstigate/restheart REST API Server for MongoDB 41 48
square/retrofit Type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java 158 21
yegor256/s3auth Amazon S3 HTTP Basic Authorization Gateway 21 10
scribejava/scribejava OAuth library for Java 87 14
HubSpot/Singularity API and web application for running and scheduling Apache Mesos tasks 280 70
perwendel/spark Web framework for java 226 11
codecentric/spring-boot-admin Admin UI of spring boot applications 50 55
oxo42/stateless4j Lightweight Java State Machine 18 1
swagger-api/swagger-core Examples and server integrations for generating the Swagger API Specification 351 50
tananaev/traccar GPS Tracking System 105 51
google/truth Java Testing Framework 20 29
vavr-io/vavr Object-functional library 7 127
code4craft/webmagic Web crawler framework for Java 105 16
l0rdn1kk0n/wicket-bootstrap Apache Wicket components for Twitter Bootstrap 17 208
square/wire Protocol buffers for Android and Java 125 38
timmolter/XChange Java API for interacting with 60+ Bitcoin and other crypto currency exchanges 339 139


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